Advertise Your Business with Custom Golf Umbrella
- 2022-07-18 11:28:13

When weather conditions suggest rain is likely, everyone reaches for their favorite umbrella. What better way to stay dry than with a promotional umbrella with a company or school logo on it? ! Not only will customers or employees be happy and grateful to have an umbrella during a downpour, but they will remember who provided them with much-needed protection from the rain!


Custom printed golf umbrellas are a favorite both on and off the course, known for their size and sturdiness, and are the perfect promotional item to make your business name stand apart from your competitors. Unique and affordable, our promo golf umbrellas are designed to beautifully showcase your brand name and logo, and are available in a large selection of colors and designs.


If you have a longer lead-time then a customised golf umbrella is an option that means you can fully customise your umbrella to suit your requirements an brand corporate colour palette. It can be printed all over the top of the umbrella and the printed panels can be matched at the seams to ensure the continuous artwork is interpreted correctly. It’s matched by hand and the accuracy is impeccable. This service is also available on the inside panels of the umbrella. Skyline prints on umbrellas and maps are a favourite among property developers.


For further customisation of your golf umbrella, you can include a woven label on the inside or outside of your umbrella that can include your logo or strapline to suit your specification.  Something else to consider if the size of your golf umbrella – our stock range includes three lengths that are available the midi, standard and maxi lengths. Our customised umbrellas can also include a different sized frame to suit the end use of the umbrella.


Place your order today and Susino will create your custom umbrellas at our factory in just a few weeks. Or sometimes quicker, if you need! Just think for a minute about the possibilities: brollies in the colours of your copany, your favourite team or to match the colour theme of your special event. So, why not push the boat out and get your very own unique umbrella?


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